Public Government Driving Colleges to Privatization

Each day, higher education as a whole is becoming increasingly politicized. Over the past few years, the U.S. government has become a hostile environment for corporate business, with some large companies leaving the country and others restructuring into S corporations or partnerships, both of which have lower tax rates and fewer regulations. Many public companies […]

US Marshals Making Arrests for Unpaid Student Loans

With over 40 million people in the United States carrying student loan debt, there are plenty of us who worry about making our payments on time and staying up-to-date on our student loan payments. In fact, many college-educated Americans have made big sacrifices just to pay student loans like delaying getting married, putting off travel […]

Americas Worst Colleges, Did yours make the list?

25 Worst For-Profit Colleges and Universities Nonprofit Colleges Online is, at least in part, a website that was created in the wake of much bad publicity that came to surround online education due to the exploitative and fraudulent practices of some for-profit colleges and universities which came to light after a series of investigations in […]

These Five Myths Can Keep You in Debt Longer

Everyone wants to be financially stable and free of debt. There are many financial dos and don’ts that people assume are always right, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Blindly following financial rules of thumb is never a good idea. Doing so could actually put you into more debt than you are already in. These […]

The Dark Side of For-Profit Colleges

Guaranteed acceptance.  Flexible learning.  A college degree.  These, perhaps, are some of the only promises that for-profit colleges ever keep. You’ve heard of these bad boys: the Art Institute, ITT Tech, and the University of Phoenix are some of the most notable culprits.  Recently, the Education Management Corporation, one of the largest operators of for-profit […]

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