Closed For-Profit Schools

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The Obama administration will begin choking off the financial lifeline of for-profit colleges whose graduates can’t find well-paying jobs and the move is likely to accelerate a wave of shutdowns for an industry taking assaults from all sides.

Reining in the multi-billion dollar industry has been the administration’s goal for most of President Barack Obama’s term in office, fueled by complaints that for-profit colleges lure students with misleading promises, then saddle them with debts they can’t pay back despite their newly granted degrees. Its latest tool is the Education Department’s long-debated gainful employment rule, which requires colleges to track their graduates performance in the workforce and eventually will cut off funding for career training programs that fall short.

The gainful employment regulation applies to community colleges and public universities as well, but for-profit programs fare worst under the rules key evaluation metric, a debt-to-earnings ratio. The industry, which collected about $22 billion in taxpayer loans and Pell Grants in 2013, says it’s being unfairly targeted, punished by the government for enrolling high-risk students ” first-generation, adult, low-income and the like ” who are less likely to repay loans but need access to the flexible models that for-profits provide.

Below Are a List of Already Closed For Profit Schools:

Anthem Career College – multiple locations in Tennessee, closed 2014

Anthem College – multiple locations, closed in 2014

Anthem Institute  formerly the Chubb Institute; multiple locations, closed 2014

Brooks College  California, closed in 2008

Brown Mackie College – Closed

Career Colleges of America – California, closed in 2014

Collins College  Phoenix, Arizona area

Crown College  Tacoma, Washington (lost accreditation in 2007 and closed)

Everest College  multiple locations, a subsidiary of Corinthian Colleges, closed 2015

Everest Institute  multiple locations, a subsidiary of Corinthian Colleges, closed 2015

FastTrain College – Florida, closed in 2014 after FBI raid

Heald College  multiple locations, a subsidiary of Corinthian Colleges, closed 2015

ITT Technical College – All Locations , Closed in 2016

Omega Institute– closed in 2014

Kee Business College  multiple locations in Virginia, subsidiary of Corinthian Colleges, Inc.

Victory University – Memphis, Tennessee – closed in 2014

Sanford Brown College – Closed in 2015

Westwood College – Closed in 2015

Wright Career College – Closed in 2016

Briarcliffe College – Closed in 2018

Le Cordon Bleu – Closed in 2016.

Harrington College of Design – Closed in 2018

ICDC College – Closed May 31, 2016

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