Crown College Loan Forgiveness

Crown College was a small, for-profit, predominantly online college located in Tacoma, Washington.

Crown College lost its educational accreditation on July 31, 2007 and it suspended operations on August 10, 2007

Crown college was forced to close July 31, 2007 when they lost their accreditation. In accordance to the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology, the for-profit school had failed to place over 70% of its graduates within their fields of study. Alternate arrangements were implemented for the exisiting students to complete their courses through Herzing College Online.

The Department of Education, Office of Inspector General served warrants on several of the administration heads for fraudulent financial aid, conspiracy to defraud and bank fraud. The allegations against the senior officers of Crown College allege that attendance was falsified along with records to commensurate with the loans.

On May 13, 2010 four of the senior officers of the school were indicted by the federal grand jury on charges of mails and financial fraud. These charges stemmed from the investigation conducted in 2007.


Crown College Loan Forgiveness
Crown College Studens Qualify For Student Loan Forgiveness


All students who enroll at Crown sign a statement that they understand the school is nationally and not regionally accredited. Students say admissions officers tell them their credits will transfer — a charge school officials deny.

It is reported that students were scammed, lied to and misled with misinformation regarding the signing of statements stating they understood the school is nationally not regionally accredited. An allegation which has been denied by the for-profit school. Per reports and law suit action by some of the students,  the above allegations and others were upheld in a court of law in favor of the students.

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