Antonelli College Nursing Program Shut Down

Antonelli College’s Practical Nursing Program in the Cincinnati campus was suspended by the Ohio Board of Nursing.

Antonelli College, a college which boasts on its web site it’s “among the best colleges in Cincinnati,” is dealing with all the lack of one its programs.

In accordance with a news release, Antonelli College is complying completely with the Ohio Board of Nursing about problems the school leaders became aware of on Thursday. The conditions that resulted in the suspension of this program haven’t been revealed at this time. As the news broke out, a few students who would like to be nurses are actually recognizing they are not simply from luck, they are also probably out thousands of dollars.

Erica Cooper is among these students.

She can not believe how close she came to becoming a nurse by taking courses at the for profit college, situated on East 7th Avenue in down Town Cincinnati.

“Everybody believes we’re graduating in-May,” Cooper stated.

But Erica Cooper today understands her diploma will need to wait.

“We were in our clinical plus one among my schoolmates got a phone call from the Ohio Board of Nursing stating the approval for Antonelli College was removed, plus they’re no longer accredited.”


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That left Erica and at least a few dozen other students rushing to get answers.

It turns out the college 12-month nursing program has been in danger since last fall.

Consequently, the Ohio Board of Nursing ruled the program “committed acts in breach of (Ohio’s) Nurse Practice Act.”

It is unsure in the event the director of the nursing program was the sole one aware of the problems, or if additional college leaders were in the loop.

Dykes reached out to the university for comment Wednesday afternoon and was informed the school would issue a statement. At that time of publication, there has been no such statement.

“They did not break it to us, we broke it to them,” Cooper stated. “Our manager of nursing quit yesterday. She understood what was happening.”

Cooper continued, “We cannot finish. We can not choose our state boards. We’ve one month left, we graduate May 27, also it had been a waste of time.”

Cooper stated she and her school mates endure to take a substantial financial strike because of what is occurred.

“We have fiscal help, that are loans. We’ve awards, and we’ve out of wallet. Nursing college is very costly. No one is becoming coated completely monetary help. You’ve got to cover something out of wallet, and they’re not reimbursing,” Cooper stated.

But despite this apparent deficiency of assets, Cooper stated, the one-yr diploma comes in a substantial price: up to $25,000 including tuition and additional costs.

Irrespective of the cash, the most demanding part might be describing the specific situation to her household.

“Lots of us have kids. Plenty of us leave our jobs,” Cooper stated. “Plenty of us changed our entire program. I’ve a-3-month old child at home who I just get to determine due to all function that I’ve set in and it is not honest.”

She added, “Its awkward. Whenever that I think about it, I think about my children. I feel as I’m letting them down. My girl advised me yesterday, ‘I can not wait for you to finish college, Mom, so we’ve time to do more things.’ I actually don’t have time for my children because I’m doing assignments all the time. Therefore I simply hope every thing gets better.”

While she expects for the best, Cooper is looking to view if a number of her courses may exchange to other medical programs in Greater Cincinnati.

“Basically need to move an additional six-seven weeks I shall move another six-seven weeks,” she stated.

Antonelli University stated it’s attempting to to contact other universities to put impacted students in new programs.

Students  are also looking into the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program. A program in which students can have their federal payments reduced or possibly forgive, if they qualify.


President of Antonelli College Maryann Davis stated the following Statement:
“While this scenario is very upsetting for every one of us, we are going to do every thing in our power to aid with the transition of the afflicted students to other universities of practical nursing and we are going to work with the Ohio Board of Nursing while pursuing their directive to freeze this program instantly,”


Earlier this month, the state nursing board suspended its approval of the program after failing to fix numerous standards and requirements breaches in the program during an inspection survey visit in 2014.

The type of breaches listed were:
-Failure to “[keep] sources, including but not limited to classroom and skills laboratory equipment and supplies”
-Irregular policies regarding transfer credit, especially credit gained through military service and experience
-Progressing students ahead in training despite requirements not correctly preparing them

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