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Berkeley College Students Receive Student Loan Forgiveness

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New York Consumer Agency Investigated the School Berkeley College is a for-profit higher education institution founded in 1931, specializing in business and professional studies. The New York Times reports that the consumer agency has opened investigations into four local for-profit institutions, including Berkeley College, after receiving hundreds of student complaints.

These students complaints have often reported on the recruiting tactics employed by the institution, including incidents of repeated phone calls and unrelenting pressure to commit to the schools enrollment process. Students that have attended Berkeley College are not happy with their experiences, all the while paying skyrocketing student loans.


What Berkeley College Students Have Said

Do not attend Berkeley College (Berkeley College of Business) if you want anything more than a “crackerjack” education for an inflated price.

Please note that it is a private school so your education will cost you & the government, (provided you can get financial aid) around 100K. I owe 35K in loans as of right now, when that is the total price for universities such as Rutgers.

Now the VA is withholding my disability benefits and is saying that I owe them over $14,000!!! This is insane!!! This school is a serious scam. I never even received any state benefits or any sorts.

Some tech startups, like Goodbye Loans, work to assist students who’ve had a poor educational experience at non-profit and for-profit colleges alike with their federal and private student loans. “We understand exactly how hard it can be to cope with looming debts in the face of a struggling economy, and we’ve taken the time to thoroughly examine the systemic options of optimized repayment and/or loan forgiveness, so that you can take the shortest path to moving forward.


Berkeley College Loan Forgiveness



What is arguably the national crisis of total student loan debt currently exceeds 1 trillion dollars, according to a report by the Consumer Protection Bureau, and there have been widespread government initiatives to provide the opportunity for partial or total student loan forgiveness, as well as entrepreneurial social movement to provide real expediting services (at affordable prices for all), in the interests of restoring the balance of our economy.

Goodbye Loans is one service that helps students navigate the options and programs offered by the Department of Education, and provides real guidance for pursuing consolidation, reduction, and even total forgiveness of both federal and private student loans.

Because forgiveness applications can be so complex, services like Goodbye Loans provide a badly needed service to the thousands of Americans suffering from crippling, and in some cases unjust, student loans. Goodbye Loans’s core staff are dedicated young entrepreneurs, committed to providing a “smart fix” to this national problem, offering “no-strings” consultations, affordable pricing, and swift resolution. With more solutions-oriented services like Goodbye Loans entering the market place, it will be interesting to see what can be done about the national student loan debt.

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