Cascade College Loan Forgiveness

Are You Affected By the Cascade College Closure?

You’re probably wondering if you qualify for loan forgiveness. No worries, we have you covered.

Fall of 2009 Cascade’s 280 students and 45 faculty and staff members found out that the school would be closing at the end of the next spring semester leaving students worried about paying off their student loans and nervous about pursuing their field of study.

Cascade College had been founded as Columbia Christian College in 1956, associated with the Churches of Christ. Its mission was to emphasize spiritual growth and career preparation.

Cascade College closed its’ doors on new enrollments, job placement or any other academic activity surrounding their difficulties with their finances for years. They failed to live up to there motto “Cascade College is a higher learning community which transforms lives for Christian faith, leadership, and service.” after leaving thousand of students hopelessly looking for a way to get forgiveness on their student loans.

We have taken the position that we’ll do as much as we can as a student loan debt consolidation company to help as many Cascade College students get their student loan cases filed for debt relief. We understand that students are looking for answers, want to get their life in order and be able to find steady work in their field of study. Our debt consolidation agents are experienced in Cascade College debt forgiveness filings and know exactly what information you’ll need to get the maximum settlement from your student loans case.


Cascade College Loan Forgiveness
Cascade College Loan Forgiveness

“Goodbye loans has made my life easier by helping me get my case filed. They were able to lower my payments and now I can live without the worry—J. Dickson, Cascade College Graduate”

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“While we recognized the economic realities and enrollment pressures that come with a small undergraduate college, those of us who worked at Cascade were still shocked and saddened at the announcement that the Boards of Oklahoma Christian and Cascade had made the decision to end baccalaureate programs on the campus at the end of the 2008-2009 academic year. As one might imagine, the remainder of that last year has been hard. It is a testimony to the dedication and character of the 3 faculty, staff, and students that the year has been a positive one with many highlights.”—Gary L. Tandy, George Fox University

So far we have helped upwards of 200 former Cascade College students find debt relief and we expect many more positive outcomes in the near future.

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