This Holocaust Documentary Is the Most Haunting Film of the Year

Seeing might be accepted, however, is it additionally knowing? That question floats north of Three Minutes – A Lengthening, Bianca Stigter’s splendid narrative transformation of Glenn Kurtz’s 2014 book Three Minutes in Poland: Discovering a Lost World in a 1938 Family Film about a short home film and current realities and viewpoints that can be … Read more

Terrible Sisters Is a Wickedly Funny Crime Dramedy With Big Little Lies Energy

They call him the Prick, and that is putting it pleasantly. John Paul “JP” Williams (Claes Bang, new off The Northman) is an impartially horrible individual. He tosses elbows at work, jabs at relatives’ clairvoyant injuries, and keeps an eye on individuals for shakedown purposes. He’s bigoted, homophobic, destructively misanthropic — and so on, he … Read more