ITT Tech Accreditation Company (ACICS) Gets Shut Down by Federal Government

In a surprisingly turn of events following defunct ITT’s closure, the accrediting agency that gave the school its stamp of approval has now lost its own recognition from the government. The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) accredits roughly 245 colleges, enrolling 600,000 students. Many of these schools are for-profit colleges, as was […]

Trump’s Student Loan Policy

Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s potential success in the running could end up being one thing the student loan system does not want to experience. Curled from the INSIDE HIGHER ED, the flamboyant candidate, if successful intends to subtract the government from the student loan scheme, thereby leaving it all to private banks to source for […]

Hillary Clinton’s Student Loan Policy

Education is very important but expensive; however Hillary has a considerable proposal on what to do about this. Here are Hillary’s ideas on how to handle the cost of education: Every student should have the opportunity to graduate from a public college or university in their state of nativity without ordering any loan. This expands […]

Dowling College Closure

Dowling College has announced it’s officially closing it’s doors as of August 31, 2016. This news comes both as a shock to some while others are unsurprised that this debt-ridden school is having to shut down for good. The school has kept its doors open since June with a minimal faculty and last ditch efforts […]

New Legislation To Help With Student Loan Tax Burden

Borrowers who currently have all or part of their student loans forgiven as part of their income-based repayment plan, income-contingent repayment forgiveness program, or due to disability or death, are required to pay taxes on the amount forgiven as if they had received it as income. While this is a big win for the borrowers […]

Steep drop in Enrollment for Many For-profit Colleges

Statistics show a lot of the students who attend for-profit colleges tend to be of the lower income class and older and schools are now struggling to sign them up. Kevin Kinser, a professor of education policy at Pennsylvania State University, said it comes down to a simple math problem. The enrollment decline at for-profit colleges don’t reflect some […]

Sen. Elizabeth Warren to Prevent Another Trump U

In light of the ongoing case against Trump U, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and other Senate Democrats are calling on federal regulators to step up efforts to protect consumers from educational programs that engage in fraud and deceptive marketing. Recommended reading Trump’s Student Loans Forgiveness Plan. In a letter sent Thursday to the heads of […]

Next Step for Student Loans at CFPB

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) 2016 spring ruling agenda we can be certain that they will not be flexing their muscles in the student loan department for some time. Released in November, the fall 2015 rule making agenda determined that student loan rule making may be on the horizon. However, the spring […]

Salary is Less for a For-profit School Graduate

For-profit School Graduates who earned vocational certificates made an average of $900 LESS annually after attending than any one else, according to a new study, leaving those for-profit graduates who took out loans hard-pressed to pay them back. By comparison to those students who received similar certifications from public community colleges earned $1,500 more than they did […]