Is Biden's recent rounds of student loan forgiveness working

Are Joe Biden Recent Rounds Of Student Loan Forgiveness Working?

Biden student loan forgiveness is the cancellation of a loan as part of some federal forgiveness program. Once approved, such plans eliminate any remaining loan payments hence ridding the student of debt. The most common is for those belonging to a particular profession such as teaching or army. However, these programs are only for federal […]

Relief is on the Way for Former Students of Everest, WyoTech, and Heald

Relief is on the Way for Former Students of Everest, WyoTech, and Heald: Corinthian Colleges Loan Forgiveness

As part of an agreement with the federal government, Corinthian Colleges — which previously owned Everest — sold most of its schools to Education Credit Management Corp. ECMC has agreed to take steps to compensate former Corinthian colleges students loan forgiveness for some of their losses. The key financial block is $480 million, which will […]

President Obama’s Student Loan Forgiveness Program in 2016

Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

OBAMA ADMINISTRATION MAKING AN EFFORT TO REGULATE STUDENT LOANS Options are now available for private and federal student loans NEW TOOLS HAVE BEEN CREATED FOR FUTURE STUDENTS WHEREAS GREAT PLANS EXIST FOR CURRENT AND FORMER STUDENT LOAN REPAYMENT Obama’s Fabled Student Loan Forgiveness The William D. Ford Direct Loan Program (also known as Obama Forgiveness […]

REPAYE Made Simple: Revised Pay As You Earn

Drowning in federal student loan debt? Don’t panic — you’re not doomed to spend the rest of your life slurping Ramen and sleeping in your parents’ basement while barely chipping away at your monthly payments. Thankfully, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) has finally released the details of its latest income-driven repayment plan, the Revised […]

California Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

California Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Are you a resident of California? There are several California student loan forgiveness programs that are specific to the great state of California. California residents, can also potentially qualify for Federal student loan forgiveness programs.Call (702) 747-9946 To See If You Qualify. See if you Qualify for special California student loan forgiveness programs for California Residents by […]

Avoiding Student Debt

Though it seems impossible avoiding the hardship of student debt, even to some degree, there are ways to keep your debt manageable. Of course, once you graduate, it won’t feel that way because lenders will pummel you eager for you to begin reimbursement. Take a deep breath- we get it! Tips: Avoiding Student Debt First […]

Presidential Candidates’ Outlook on Higher Education

Presidential Candidates’ Outlook on Higher Education

As the state primaries continue, it’s important to pause and take a look at where each candidate stands on higher education reform. The four candidates that have shared detailed plans include Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio, and Bernie Sanders. The candidate’s proposals include recommendations on federal student loans and grants, college accountability, tuition fees, private […]