cosign a student loan

Cosign a Student Loan: Pros and Cons

Federal student loans may be a cost-effective option for financing college. Students can however quickly exceed the aggregate and annual borrowing limits. Here we present some information about cosign a student loan. The College Board reported that attendance at in-state public four-year schools costs $26,590 compared to $53,980 at private universities. The fact that undergraduate first-year […]

Corinthian Colleges in Hot Water over Predatory Lending Allegations

Corinthian Colleges Predatory Lending Under the Obama Administration, the Department of Education has been very hard on for-profit colleges. The tough new regulations have Corinthian Colleges in hot water over predatory lending allegations. Corinthian Colleges is now saying its goodbyes and is going to attempt to sell 85 of its campuses and close a dozen […]

Getting the Right Post-Graduation Repayment Strategy: Student Loans Consolidation and Refinance

In order to achieve freedom from debt, it’s important to get the right post-graduation repayment strategy. Sometimes this involves student loans consolidation or refinance. Knowing the pros and cons for each of these repayment strategies and making an educated decision about which route to take can be the difference between successfully managing the payments and […]