Dowling College Has Announced Its Officially Closing Its Doors

This news comes both as a shock to some while others are unsurprised that this debt-ridden Dowling college is having to shut down for good. The school has kept its doors open since June with minimal faculty and last-ditch efforts to find an academic partner.

Student’s waiting in line for their transcripts

Founded on the Vanderbilt estate overlooking the Connecticut River, Dowling has seen its enrollment plummet from 6,379 in 2005 to 2,453 by the fall of 2014 as it’s struggled to pay off $54 million in debt. Many are wondering how the governing student body even lets things get this bad.

The students left scrambling to figure out what their future holds, weren’t sent so much as an email letting them know their school was closing; many found out directly through the media.

Students and staff faced 5-6 hour long lines as they waited to get some proof of their degrees and coursework so they could plan for their future.

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