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Probe Suggests Loan Servicer Terms Are Not In Borrowers Interest

In the event you have student education loans, there’s an excellent possibility that you have at least heard of Great Lakes Student Loans. If Great Lakes is your federal student-loan servicer, understanding more about what GoodBye Loans offers may save time plus money.

History: Great Lakes Student Loans

  • In business for more than 40 years
  • Auto-debt interest rate decrease
  • Supplies beneficial information on handling loans and payment alternatives
  • Only provides federal loans

Great Lakes Student Loans

About Great Lakes Student Loans:

Great Lakes Educational Loan Services Inc. (typically called Great Lakes) is a not-for-profit student-loan servicer based in Madison, Wi. It is the next biggest of the 10 federal loan servicers, after FedLoan Servicing (additionally referred to as AES/PHEAA). They support federal loans for an incredible number of college students, operating with 6,000 colleges and 1,100 lenders.

Great Lakes handles federal student education loans for the U.S. Department of Education. Therefore if Great Lakes services your federal loans, it processes your loan repayments and answers queries about your loans. Also, Great Lakes gives you federal Direct Consolidation Loans and processes loans for private lenders.

The organization also provides grants to schools and universities through its philanthropic arm, Excellent Lakes Instructional Philanthropy. Its grants plan to boost graduation rates for low income college students. In 2014, Great Lakes invested to providing $28.6 million in fresh grants, getting its entire non-profit contributions to $134 million since 2006.


On May 14th, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency announced a probe to the techniques of Great Lakes Higher-Education Corp along with additional loan servicers round the nation. Servicers normally be given a monthly flat-rate for every single accounts they support, so it’s in the servicer’s advantage in case a customer extends repaying his loan. The CFBP’s community request is focused with this conflict of interest involving the servicers and borrowers.

The president of Great Lakes, Dick George, has aimed to the default and overdue loan price produced by school drop-outs as a substantial problem, observing, “When college students dropout, additionally they often fall from communicating.”

As the Consumer Financial Protection Agency holds its inquiry to the student-loan servicing sector, the nation may ideally discover much more about Great Lakes Student Loans and other loan servicers’ techniques and whether they do conflict with borrowers’ interests.

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Preventing Loan Default
Farewell Loan Consultants comprehend the hazards inherent in just about any loan contract, and every facet of the support was created to aid college students possibly dispatch their whole schooling loans or decrease their payment. Farewell Loans not simply guides university college students and recent grads to the most effective approaches to deal with their school loans, they’re also committed to assisting debtors prevent the possible tragedy of credit default. Defaulting on a student-loan might have devastating results on a student’s revenue and future credit rating, and has to be prevented at any cost. Farewell Loans assists student-loan slots in order to avoid defaulting on their loans, and will continue to work with debtors and lenders to negotiate payment schedules to greatest advantage both events as well as in many cases have their student-loan enter college student loan-forgiveness plan.

From first loan payment to final dismissal, farewell Loans is given to assisting college students reach their education visions. Farewell Loans realizes that the university education is the key to your productive and satisfying future. College Students depending on on loans to buy school may discover that complete guidance and help is definitely accessible from farewell Loans.

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