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Allegations against Heritage College

Heritage College is a for-profit college that has definitely had its fair share of lawsuits in the last couple of years. Most Recently in 2015; the federal court ordered Heritage College to defend itself on several charges it defrauded the U.S. government by altering their grade and attendance records in an effort to receive more in federal student aid. The amount of money collected between 2009 and 2012 amounts to an estimated $32.9 million that Heritage received from the federal government. If you are a victim to the predatory practices of for-profit colleges, you may qualify for one of these programs or for debt invalidation. Regardless, we highly advise you call us immediately to see how we can help. Call Us Now Toll Free at (800) 940-8911

This is not the first time Heritage College has been on the legal hot seat “ The consumer bureau believes Heritage College pushed students into high-cost student loans the school knew had a high probability of default. The lawsuit accuses the private school of unfair, deceptive, and abusive acts and practices and of violations of the Truth in Lending Act. The lawsuit has four main premises:

#1 Altering Records“ Federal court orders Heritage College to defend itself on charges it defrauded the U.S. government by altering grade and attendance records in an effort to receive more federal student aid. Heritage College asks high court to toss FCA claims.

#2 Overly ambitious job placement “ Heritage College clearly lead prospects to think they’ll be sitting pretty in the job market with a Heritage College degree or certificate but this is not how the results play out for many. A quick Google search churns up a number of dissatisfied former Heritage College students. Career prospects are not nearly as lucrative as promised and this, combined with overwhelming student loan balances, makes life hard on grads.

#3 Additional Lawsuit “ Fraud suit against Heritage College operator Western Educational Inc. will move forward with claims of defrauding the federal government out of $32.5 million from 2009-2012. Heritage College is placed on the U.S. Department of Education’s watch list regarding close financial scrutiny. Lawsuits are currently still open against Heritage College.

When announcing the lawsuit, CFPB Director Richard Cordray said, We are taking our first public enforcement action against a for-profit college. They key word in that sentence is first, as in: there will be more. For those that run for-profit colleges, this is tantamount to an utterance that winter is coming and, if CFPB has its way, it may be a nuclear winter. But if Heritage is truly preying on students desperate to improve their lot in life through education, then they should be subject to corrective action at an atomic level.]

In the suit, CFPB is seeking:

Equitable relief “ This is when the court orders a business or person not to do something.

Restitution “ This would mean money back to affected students (the suit is targeting a period in 2011, but this may not be the only eligible period for relief).

Injunctive relief “ This attempts to make the affected parties whole again by putting an end to something.

Disgorgement “ This means giving back profits obtained illegally or unethically.

Rescission “ This is the unmaking of a contract (meaning predatory private student loans would be unmade).

Civil money penalties “ This is self-explanatory and these funds would go to the government, rather than the loan victims.

Plaintiff’s costs “ This would cover the costs of CFPB pursuing the litigation.

Additional relief at the court’s discretion “ This means CFPB is inviting the court to hit Heritage College with other penalties.

You can read the entire complaint here. Heritage Tech released a response to the lawsuit saying, It never should have been filed. They said some more, but this was the underlying premise. I can’t imagine this statement will get the CFPB to back down, particularly when they’ve indicated that this is the first of several planned law suits.

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Heritage College Loan Forgiveness
Heritage College Loan Forgiveness


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