Is Dee-1’s Sallie Mae Student Loan Song The Anthem For This Generation

” I finished paying off my Sallie Mae Student Loan!”

These words look like a fantasy for countless Americans buried under their student loan debt. However, A New Orleans Music Artist Dee-1, whose actual name is David Augustine Jr., switched that dream into a reality by paying off his student loans with the bonus he acquired after signing a record deal. Dee-1’s “Sallie Mae Back” is unquestionably the anthem of each and every college student with student debt. Since the launch of his break-out single, it has gone viral and got national attention from leading news publications, and became a trending subject on Facebook and Twitter.

Dee triumphantly raps, “For those who doubted me, yeah this is payback. No sir, I don’t drive a Maybach. But guess what I did? I finished paying Sallie Mae’s student loan back.”

Augustine is not alone. These days the volume of bachelor’s degree holders graduate with student loans and nearly 40 million Americans hold $1.3 trillion in high-interest student debt. Meanwhile, college tuition has continued to grow. Political leaders from either side of the aisle have given suggestions to make higher education less expensive. Augustine cautioned that he is not a policy-maker, however, he stated he believed increasing taxes on the rich might be one method to subsidize lower tuition. (Plenty of Democratic candidates for president have floated their edition of this strategy).

“The aim was to create an anthem that might allow individuals to feel the excitement that I experienced, but hopefully it might also start a larger conversation concerning the student loan debt disaster,” Augustine stated. “Student loan debt is out of control and that I do believe that college should ultimately be made more affordable.” “I used to be like, how can I spend this? Many artists purchase a fresh car; they’re going ball out; they just take a vacation; they’re going purchase new jewelry,” Dee-1 mentioned. “With this specific advance, I wanted to break the stereotypes of the way that people usually spend them — and get out of debt.”

Additionally, With The Presidential Race Warming Up. Dee-1 states he’s noticed some excellent ideas from candidates. But needs them to be clear about how exactly their plans would work. “It’s ear candy to my generation to hear ‘let us make college free.’ … That’s easy,” the New Orleans-based musician stated. Since Dee-1 has paid back his own debt. He challenges financial responsibility to people that have college loan bills and states also though it may take more than you prefer. You will begin to see the light by the end of the tunnel one day.

But Dee-1 is not basking in his popularity; he is looking to the future. The recording artist is recording his debut major-label record for launch this year. He really wants to get back back to touring when it is finished. “I believe I’ll be heavily requested on the college circuit due to this song,” Dee-1 said with a laugh.

Congratulations To Dee-1 on Paying off His Sallie Mae Student Loan and to those who previously paid off their Student Debt!

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