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Medical Debt

Everyone uses health care at some point in their life for things as regular as checkups at the doctors or dentists office all the way to treatment of serious ailments. The former generally doesn’t amass much debt but the latter can be heart breaking and devastating. The medical debt crisis affects an estimated 1 in 5 American people and totals over 100 billion dollars every year.

Even if you have insurance there’s still a good chance that you will rack up insurmountable medical bills should you become ill, a prospect that is much worse for those who lack insurance or don’t have a steady income.

Many Americans as a direct result of medical bills are pushed into an unsavory bankruptcy because they feel there’s simply no visible alternative. You may be asking yourself, what else is there besides bankruptcy? How can I possibly get this gargantuan debt off my shoulders.

Check for Errors in Medical Bills

The first thing anyone should do is carefully examine any and all medical bills for possible errors. Bills are ultimately written by humans so it only makes sense that there will be inconsistencies, some of which you should not have to pay for.

For example; if you get charged for a blood test that did not take place it stands to reason that you shouldn’t have to pay for it. We can find similar reasoning when comparing current and past billings, as obviously you shouldn’t be paying for the same service twice. It’s the same with double testing as a result of failure by the medical practitioner. If one test failed and you have to have another one, you do not have to pay for the second test. Another important tip is to cross check everything but especially medication prices. Again, human error is not something you should have to pay for. If someone wrote a price down wrong, you should not have to pay for it.

When checking for medical bill inconsistencies it’s best to keep in mind that the person who is going to have your best interest at heart is you. Examine every shred of medical billing yourself, or have someone you trust do it, and make sure that you’re paying only what you owe and not a penny more.

Your Medical Debt Relief Options

After fact checking and cross checking your medical bills to the fullest extent that you can and you are sure that everything on your bill in indeed correct, you can pursue a number of different medical debt relief opportunities to alleviate or abolish outstanding medical bills. Debt relief is always a good route when considering how to best pay off your debt, you can achieve a number of things with a parlay with dedicated debt negotiators such as lowering your total balance, waiving a percentage of that debt and freeing yourself from high interest rate charges and late fees. There are a few options you can utilize to get some of this done that are worth looking into; HRSA, or the Health Resources and Services Administration, is a federally backed agency that can potentially provide free or low cost health care services. Visit their website to learn more.

For those who have specialized conditions such as cancer, cleft lip, or other specific ailments, it may be in your best interest to look into some non-profit organizations who exist to help patients at little cost.

Another option is to look into free health care providers who are either free or have very low rates. Visit healthcare.gov to find some of these private or public companies that may have programs to treat your specific ailment and offer free checkups/prescriptions to eligible patients.

Different government programs do exist for medical debt, certain agencies help with settlement revolving around abusive collection practices and high interest rates.

There is, of course, another option. Even with everything available to you it is likely that your debt will still be way too high to handle. 1 in 5 Americans likely. We can help you attain a lower balance on your bills without having to file for bankruptcy. We have already helped thousands lower their total percentage of their debt resulting in a much more affordable payment.
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