How to pay off credit card debt

How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt?

Credit card balances can shoot up in no time. The longer you wait, the more interest is charged and the risk of default arises. Reckless purchasing without any managed budget results in big credit balances that pose financial risks. Your credit score also suffers if you fail to pay off credit card debt in time. […]

Corinthian Colleges in Hot Water over Predatory Lending Allegations

Corinthian Colleges Predatory Lending Under the Obama Administration, the Department of Education has been very hard on for-profit colleges. The tough new regulations have Corinthian Colleges in hot water over predatory lending allegations. Corinthian Colleges is now saying its goodbyes and is going to attempt to sell 85 of its campuses and close a dozen […]

Sallie Mae Cheated Soldiers and Other Borrowers on Student Loans

Sallie Mae Cheated Soldiers on Student Loans Sallie Mae and its loan servicing unit have made a deal with federal authorities to resolve accusations that the nation’s top student loan company cheated active-duty soldiers on student loans, as well as other borrowers that were being charged late fees. The two companies have more than doubled […]

Billionaire Mark Cuban Warns of Crash that will Kill America’s Colleges: Subsidizing Student Loans

Mark Cuban Warns of Crash that will Kill America’s Colleges After years of subsidizing student loans, the United States federal government has succeeded in raising college tuition costs to astronomical figures and formed another “bubble” that is bound to pop eventually. The government has been providing loans to individuals likely to never be able to […]