Le Cordon Bleu Shuts its Doors Forever in January

Student Loan Forgiveness Available December 15, 2015: Career Education Corporation, previously looking to offload their Le Cordon Bleu cooking schools, has announced this morning that instead, it will be closing down all 16 of its campuses. New federal government regulations on career-based colleges have put the for-profit college in a tailspin that has forced them […]

Avoiding Student Debt

Though it seems impossible avoiding the hardship of student debt, even to some degree, there are ways to keep your debt manageable. Of course, once you graduate, it won’t feel that way because lenders will pummel you eager for you to begin reimbursement. Take a deep breath- we get it! Tips: Avoiding Student Debt First […]

First-Year College Students Fail Literacy Tests

Of all the life skills that someone entering adulthood could lack, that financial literacy tests tend to hit hardest. Higher One and EverFi came out with a report called “Money Matters on Campus.” They felt an alarming disconnect between adults who were taking out loans for college and the skills needed to handle it. The […]

Westwood College Closing Down

Potential Westwood College Loan Forgiveness Due to Recent Closure SAY GOODBYE ON THE WAY OUT Students, faculty, and staff were informed on Nov. 11, 2015, that the college had ceased registering new students. Unlike several other schools that shut their doors without heads up, leaving their students stuck, Westwood officers have stated they’re going to keep […]