Sojourner–Douglass College

It has come to our attention that some of the information published on this page was untrue and originated from unreliable sources. We apologize to students from Sojourner-Douglass College and the college itself. We were in no way attempting to defame Sojourner-Douglass College, or criticize its values. We strive to provide the best service possible service to former students from any school.

Goodbye Loans is not affiliated with the United States Department of Education or any U.S. government offices or branches. Goodbye Loans has no influence in any decisions made by the Department of Education. Goodbye Loans is strictly a document preparation service.

What is arguably the national crisis of total student loan debt currently exceeds 1 trillion dollars, according to a report by the Consumer Protection Bureau, and there have been widespread government initiatives to provide the opportunity for partial or total student loan forgiveness, as well as entrepreneurial social movement to provide real expediting services (at affordable prices for all), in the interests of restoring the balance of our economy. is one service that helps students navigate the options and programs offered by the Department of Education, and provides real guidance for pursuing consolidation, reduction, and even total forgiveness of both federal and for-profit student loans.

Because forgiveness applications can be so complex, services like provide a badly needed service to the thousands of Americans suffering from crippling, and in some cases unjust, student loans.’s core staff are dedicated young entrepreneurs, committed to providing a “smart fix” to this national problem, offering “no-strings” consultations, affordable pricing, and swift resolution. With more solutions-oriented services like entering the market place, it will be interesting to see what can be done about the national student loan debt, as well as the closure and lending practices of colleges like Jones International University, accused by students of predatory practices and facing increasing transparency.