Southwest University of Visual Arts Loan Forgiveness

Another for-profit school just not what it seems.

Southwest University of Visual Arts (SUVA) is a private art college based out of Tucson, Arizona, United States with a branch campus located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Founded in 1983, SUVA was formerly known as The Art Center Design College.

The school has been plagued by numerous consumer complaints over the years from unhappy students who feel they have been ripped off. This is also reflected in their complaint records and failure to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Unfortunately what it all boils down to is a nightmare experience for students. The Average Yearly loan amount for Undergrads at Southwest University of Visual Arts is around $5k Per Year.

Southwest University of Visual Arts Loan Forgiveness
Southwest University of Visual Arts Loan Forgiveness


Student loan debt has reached an all-time high, and according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the total amounts to around $1.4 trillion. Goodbye Loans can help determine if you qualify for the student loan forgiveness as a result of attending Southwest University of Visual Arts

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