Pay Off $42,000 of Student Debt in 6 Months

Tales of individuals who have successfully managed to pay off their student Debt by their 30s are an enigma to most. However, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is one such person. She has a personal finance and lifestyle blog called Making Sense of Cents, in which she offers advice to her readers from the perspective of a financial analyst. […]

Avoiding Student Debt

Though it seems impossible avoiding the hardship of student debt, even to some degree, there are ways to keep your debt manageable. Of course, once you graduate, it won’t feel that way because lenders will pummel you eager for you to begin reimbursement. Take a deep breath- we get it! Tips: Avoiding Student Debt First […]

Is Dee-1’s Sallie Mae Student Loan Song The Anthem For This Generation

Is Dee-1’s Sallie Mae Student Loan Song The Anthem For This Generation?

” I finished paying off my Sallie Mae Student Loan!” These words look like a fantasy for countless Americans buried under their student loan debt. However, A New Orleans Music Artist Dee-1, whose actual name is David Augustine Jr., switched that dream into a reality by paying off his student loans with the bonus he acquired after […]

Student Loan For Profit Education is Failing, Heres Why

Student Loan: For-Profit Education is Failing, Heres Why

Executive Summary Education is something that is seen as highly valued, and many want their children to go to college after they graduate high school because of this viewpoint. The problems start when for-profit colleges are failing to live up to their end of the bargain. Many of these colleges are shutting down since the […]

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