President Donald Trump Student Loan Forgiveness

Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s potential success in the running could end up being one thing the student loan system does not want to experience. Curled from the INSIDE HIGHER ED, the flamboyant candidate, if successful intends to subtract the government from the trump student loans scheme, thereby leaving it all to private banks to source for the loan needs of college students.

As reported by the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, this is a total “U-turn” from the candidate’s ideas in 2015 where he admitted government involvement was the only option for low-income students to get by.

The potential Trump administration will structure colleges to favor those studying more prominent professional courses like engineering and business during considerations to offer loans than others since they are more likely to earn more after graduation than those in the arts.

Trump’s public advisor Sam Clovis highlighted that if a Trump administration comes through students studying in the inferior arts will probably get little or no jobs.

However, the president of Washington College, Sheila Bair is not in tone with these statements and states that there is room for employment for every art student who is due and qualified for one. She also voices her thoughts that presidential candidate Donald Trump’s potential policies to disengage the government from colluding with student loan schemes will cause a lot of harm to low-income students if implemented. Mr. Trump stance comes from the fact that he does not see the government benefiting from the student loans system, so would prefer it to be largely eliminated altogether.

Sheila Bair cries that if we pretend for a moment that Mr. Trump’s policies are implemented, it is going to be a massive handicap to students wishing to pursue degrees in Liberal arts without government aid. Only scholarships which are not easily obtainable can now save such students.

The potential policy by Trump is in total disagreement with President Barack Obama’s free community college plan and Mrs. Hilary Clinton’s plan for debt-free public colleges.

It remains to be seen if candidate Trump intends to make up for this absurd policy by creating more jobs as he has always said or do something with revenue generated from interest rates as he has also said too.

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