US Marshals Making Arrests for Unpaid Student Loans

With over 40 million people in the United States carrying student loan debt, there are plenty of us who worry about making our payments on time and staying up-to-date on our unpaid student loan payments. In fact, many college-educated Americans have made big sacrifices just to pay unpaid student loans like delaying getting married, putting off travel plans, postponing buying a house or car, or taking jobs outside of their fields of study just to make ends meet.

Now, student loan holders have another thing to worry about when it comes to their debt. If you can believe it, US Marshals Service in Houston is now arresting people for not paying their outstanding federal student loans. Did you ever think you would have to fear US Marshals making arrests for unpaid Student Loans?

One Houston resident, Paul Aker, was arrested at his home in February for unpaid federal student loans dating back to 1987. The balance of the loan was only $1500.

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Instead of a single officer showing up to issue an arrest warrant, a total of seven deputy US Marshals arrived armed and took him to federal court. Aker was required to sign a payment plan for the nearly 30-year-old federal student loans.

Congressman Gene Green, a U.S. Representative from Texas and part of the Democratic Party, stated that the federal government is now utilizing private debt collectors to track down those who have student loan debt that they owe.

According to Green, as a result of the government’s actions, those private attorneys and debt collectors are receiving judgments in federal court and requesting for judges to use the US Marshals Service to arrest borrowers who have not made their federal student loan payments.

Fox 26 News in Houston reported on the story, and they stated that their reliable source with the US Marshal in Houston confirmed that Aker was not the first and will not be the last arrest made for unpaid student loan debt. In fact, the US Marshals Service in Houston will potentially serve anywhere from 1200 to 1500 arrest warrants to borrowers who have failed to make payments on their federal student loans.

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